Tuesday, July 29, 2008

selling and preparing food

Top: Roadside vendors sell kebabs of goat, cooked bananas and soft drinks to buses and mutatus (minibus taxi) travelling across the country.
Middle: Mother, son and daughter thresh beans in their family compound.
Bottom: A woman displays her shop where she sells groundnuts, cooking oil and other staples.


William said...

Hi Emily, This is William Cox from Kirby Stephens Design.

Doing a little sight seeing, eh?

You have some very nice images. Well done. I especially like the kid with the... what... mud cell phone? I don't know who your audience is for your blog, but I think you should caption you pics. I'd like to know the story behind them.

I haven't kept up regularly with you blog, but compared to your earlier work, I'm starting to see a little more personality in your photos and a little less photojournalism school. I've known many photojournalist (my former self included) who emulated "the style" of their teachers and the stuff published in the PJ of the year books, etc. and it looks like you are beginning to find your own style. Wonderful!

Remember, you should always have a reason to take a photo.

Keep shooting and stay safe.

William said...

And a question. In my journalism days, we primarily shot black and white film. Today, what is the rational for converting color to black and white?

I know in some situations, color might be a distraction from content, but I'm interested in what the journalism schools think about this. Do they have a take on it? It seems more of a style... that traditional PJ "look" that was dictated in the past more by cost and technology than aesthetic consideration.

And how do you feel about this? How did you decide which images to make monochrome?

Briana Scroggins said...

I am excited you put something new up! The pics look great. How has your summer been?

Emily Fox said...

All of our teachers seem to have conflicting stances on the b/w issue. If i were working for a publication that had an ethical dilemma with conversion then I would comply with their rules, but for mine I usually pick based on aesthetics. Sometimes when I shoot digital, I shoot with converting it to black and white later in mind.

Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate your feedback.