Thursday, August 28, 2008


gill-net fishing near the ssesee islands in lake victoria. our  friend thompson took us out with him.


more from jinja. the man above was in a house fire where a roof collapsed on his arm. His friend wanted to know if I could treat his burns and was quite dissapointed when I said I had no medical training.
babies usually stay outside while their mothers thresh beans or boil cassava. if they are not being carried in cloth tied to their mother's or sister's back, then they sometimes lay on sacks like these.


these pictures are of a midwife in jinja. she was a little hard to communicate with since she only spoke luganda, but she showed me her delivery room (above) and many volumes of her records (below) each name in this book, as well as four others, represents a baby she has delivered.

going to keep putting uganda pictures up as i find them.

family in jinja, uganda.  jinja is near bujagali falls at the source of the nile.  most of the population, this family included, survive by sustenance farming.